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3 Easy Tweaks to Level Up Your At-Home Workout

The best home workouts don’t necessarily need all the latest equipment—skip the dumbbells and kettlebells—all you need is your body weight and a little bit of inspiration. At-home bodyweight workouts

5 Easy Ways to Take Your Workout Outside in Santa Barbara

Here in Santa Barbara, we’re lucky enough to have green spaces, a stunning coastline, and an average of 283 days of sunshine each year. If you’re looking to change up

Missing Earthbar? Try These 3 Easy Smoothie Recipes to Get Your Fix

We have good news and bad news. The bad news is that 92% of us aren’t getting the nutrients our bodies need to function. The good news? Smoothies make it

Pilates Classes Are the Perfect Choice for Full-Body Strength Training

When it comes to your workout routine, why settle for anything less than training that keeps you fit—body, mind, and soul? For full-body strength training that improves flexibility, strengthens and

Sayonara, 2020. Here Are 3 Wellness Tips For Confidently Stepping into the New Year

  5.01.2021   swell   Fitness   No comments

Considering how 2020 shaped up, we understand if you’re approaching 2021 with cautious optimism. We’re not here to recap. We were all there, we all know what happened. But it’s

Can a Personal Trainer Help You Reach Your Fitness Goals?

Raise your hand if 2020 threw your fitness goals for a loop. With disrupted work and school schedules, many of us have more stress on our plates and less time

“You Can’t Outrun Your Fork,” and Other Nutrition Facts You Should Know

  2.11.2020   swell   Lifestyle, Nutrition   No comments

“Abs are made in the kitchen.”  “Losing weight is 80% diet and 20% exercise.” “You can’t outrun your fork.”  Sayings like these, and plenty more like them, dominate the fitness

What Sets Us Apart from Other Gyms in Santa Barbara? Our Community.

  23.09.2020   swell   Fitness, Lifestyle   No comments

Fitness is  an essential part of the SB lifestyle. Which explains why there are almost as many gyms in Santa Barbara as there are Starbucks in Seattle. From boutique fitness

Tired of Bodyweight Exercises? Bring Your At-Home Workout Back to the Club

  3.09.2020   swell   Fitness   No comments

So, you spent the lockdown dialing in your home gym setup. You’ve got your free weights and yoga mats. And you’ve recently done about a billion squats, glute bridges, push-ups,

There’s Still Plenty of Summer Left! Here’s How to Enjoy It at the Club

  3.08.2020   swell   Fitness   No comments

In Santa Barbara, summer is for eating al fresco, long walks, hikes, bike rides, and catching waves or rays at the beach. Well, usually. This summer, things started a little