Embarking on a journey towards holistic well-being, Santa Barbara Athletic Club proudly announces the start of an enriching Wellness Program in collaboration with PALMA Colectiva and other esteemed local businesses. Guided by the philosophy that a balanced approach yields optimal results, our members will now have the opportunity to partake in a diverse range of activities, including rejuvenating sound baths, expertly-led guided breathing sessions, and insightful health talks.

Calendar of Events


October 7, 10:00 – 11:00 am
Join for an active breath practice to clear stuck or blocked energy from the body to deepen a relationship with mind/body health. Breathwork also opens the door to increased creativity and a more fulfilling relationship with the self. Drop in with a soothing sound offering that will restore and ease.

October 25, 4:00 -5:00 pm
CONQUER YOUR STRESSwith Dr. Kathy Gruver
Dr. Kathy Gruver invites you to shift from worrier to warrior by mastering self-care techniques, boosting health, and enhancing leadership skills, all while sharing some laughs along the way. Sign up NOT required.

November 4, 10:00 – 11:00 AM
ALCHEMIZING BREATH & SOUNDwith Jacqueline Tozzi and Devin Peterson
Enjoy an alchemizing breathwork ceremony and sound bath. Let yourself connect and access inner radiance from the landscape of the body. You’ll be guided through the transformational Pyramid Breath method by Jacqueline Tozzi and grounded by an alchemizing sound experience by Devin Peterson. Let the merging of breath and sound release limiting beliefs and harness your true power within.

December 2, 10:00 – 11:00 AM
SOUND & REIKI FOR STRESS & ANXIETYwith Sophia Trieste and Meredith Markworth-Pollack
Join Sophia Trieste for a relaxing sound bath that gently guides you to deep inner peace and ease, releasing thoughts and built-up tension from stress and anxiety. Enjoy hands-on Reiki by Meredith Markworth-Pollack that will restore your mind, body, and spirit. All set up included.

*Wellness classes are exclusive to club members only. Space is limited to 25 members per class.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: To ensure a positive experience for all participants, we’ve established a no-show fee of $30 per missed session(s) without prior cancellation. Please remember to remove your name from the class if you cannot attend within 24 hours before the session.


Founded by Meredith Markworth-Pollack and Daniel Pozas, PALMA Colectiva offers multiple modalities for whole-being wellness. Their treatments include Reiki energy healing, sound healing, intuitive massage, craniosacral therapy, tea and cacao ceremonies, and breathwork. 

Partnering with a local business like PALMA Colectiva was the obvious choice when we decided to add wellness classes to our schedule. Their practitioner’s skills and expertise mean SBAC members are in the best hands during their journey.