Box Your Way to a Stronger Body at Santa Barbara Athletic Club

Woman wearing boxing gloves during boxing at santa barbara athletic club

If you need a workout that packs a punch, look no further than the boxing class at Santa Barbara Athletic Club. Not only does this high-octane class have a variety of fitness benefits, but it also creates a safe space for our members to release stress and frustration. 

Promote Heart Health While Torching Calories

Boxing is a form of High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), meaning you’re alternating short periods of intense physical output with low-intensity recovery periods. A basic example of this is sprinting for one minute, followed by jogging for one minute. HIIT workouts are popular because they burn more calories in less time than traditional workouts. Plus, you’ll continue to burn calories for hours after your HIIT routine because it elevates your metabolic rate.

HIIT repetitions also improve heart health by inducing cycles of elevated heart rate, followed by brief rest. Over time this leads to a strengthened cardiovascular system that doesn’t have to work as hard to pump blood and oxygen. People who regularly do HIIT routines tend to have a lower resting heart rate and lower blood pressure than those who don’t.

Boxing is perfect for those looking to lose fat and protect their long-term heart health. 

Increase Balance and Decrease Stress

The cathartic release one gets from punching a boxing bag cannot be emphasized enough. In fact, releasing stress and frustration is healthy, and the endorphins you get from HIIT exercises turn that frown upside down in no time. Additionally, boxing is an immersive workout that requires total focus, making it great for those who normally count the seconds until class is over. 

As time passes, you’ll engage your core and lower body muscles to make your punches more impactful. Before you know it, class is done, and you just got a killer workout—all while decompressing from your day!

What to Expect From SBAC’S Boxing Class

Boxing class participants can expect a challenging cardio session during our hour-long class.  You’ll learn boxing techniques interspersed with boot camp drills to keep you guessing. Be prepared to feel your mind and body strengthen as you engage your core and release stress on the bag. Don’t forget to bring your gloves and plenty of water, as you’ll be dripping with sweat by the time you’re done!

Get Ready to Rumble With Boxing at Santa Barbara Athletic Club

Ready to hook, jab, and uppercut your way to a better body and calmer mind? There’s no better time than now; through August 31st, we’re waiving our initiation fee and offering one month of free membership. Call Santa Barbara Athletic Club for more details on this exciting promotion!