Explore the Benefits of Earthbar Menu Superfood Smoothies at Swell Santa Barbara

Earthbar menu wall inside SBAC

Ever heard the expression, “Abs are made in the kitchen”? Annoyingly, it’s essentially true. We can be physically on our wellness game, but if we’re not fueling our bodies with proper nutrition, we’re missing an essential tool in reaching health goals. That’s why SBAC members appreciate our on-site cafe and the thoughtful Superfood Smoothie ingredients on the Earthbar Menu. To take the guesswork of choosing a smoothie that serves your specific needs, we’ve identified which ones help solve common issues.

Meet the Earthbar Menu MVPs

A healthy diet is 80% of the wellness game. Our Superfood Smoothies can help with your journey, depending on your circumstances and goals. Below are the cafe items we recommend to address common needs. Check with your doctor on ingredients like L-glutamine to see if they interact with prescription medications. Otherwise, bottoms up

Recovery + Muscle Support

Getting a little extra L-glutamine may be in order if you’re recovering from an injury, illness, or surgery. Why? Because internal or external stress spikes cortisol levels depleting this essential amino acid. If you’re new to exercise and anticipating sore muscles, grab the Muscle Up smoothie after your workout. It’ll replenish your glutamate levels, the banana’s potassium will prevent dehydration and muscle cramping, and the Earthfusion Protein powder will repair and build up your muscles while keeping you full.

The Muscle Up, The Epic, and Great Breakfast smoothies are also great pre or post-workout options, as they all have almond butter.  This alternative to peanut butter is higher in fiber and lower in sugar than PB. It contains electrolytes and complex carbohydrates to help you power through workouts and your day.

Low Energy + High Stress + Hangry

Want to get a protein hit and increase your energy while lowering stress? Those last two desires seem oppositional, but our Chocolate Supreme and Flax Master smoothies achieve all three. Each contains the energizer bunny of plants, maca, an adaptogenic root that also lowers cortisol. The Chocolate Supreme smoothie has the additional benefit of mesquite powder, an ancient superfood prized for its low glycemic index and high fiber content. Plus, it has lysine, an amino acid that helps with stress, absorption of calcium, and wound healing.

For those feeling that dreaded combination of hungry and angry, try our Blueberry Bliss smoothie for a dose of satiating healthy fats, vitamin B6-rich berries to soothe your nervous system, and appetite-satisfying Earthfusion protein.

Bad Mood + Fatigue + Brain Fog

We’ve all had those days where we just feel off and somehow summon the strength to go to the gym. If you’re one of these brave heroes, we highly recommend the Flax Master Smoothie with its cheery trio of B-12, flax oil, and acai fruit—all of which contribute to cognitive sharpness and mood to turn that frown upside down. Brain fog doesn’t stand a chance against stimulating maca and hydrating coconut water. 

Poor Digestion + Over Indulging + Feeling Sick

People are quick to glamorize the “work hard, play hard” lifestyle. While a balanced approach to fun and work ethic is a worthy goal, one can often outpace the other and leave you feeling drained. Overextending yourself in any area can catch up and suppress your immune system, de-regulate your digestion, and leave you feeling a bit like a walking toxic waste dump. 

Luckily we can right those wrongs with our Detox Greens and Slim Down smoothies, which both have electrolyte-rich coconut water and bromelain from pineapple to address digestive issues. 

The Detox Greens smoothie is great after a workout or sauna stint because it also includes a serving of the It’s Time To Detox tonic so your lymphatic system and liver can jumpstart processing those greasy pizzas and martinis. Plus, coconut water, spinach, and banana can restore hydration, provide iron for better immunity, and add fiber to get your digestion on track.

Another smart option is our Slim Down smoothie, perfect for after your workout due to a scoop of protein containing L-glutamine, which is great for your gut. In addition, it includes a dose of the Slim Down Herbal Tonic to help normalize thyroid function, reduce bloating, and manage cravings. We’ll drink to that!

The Berry Blaze smoothie is an excellent solution for dull skin that comes with constant stimulation and eating pre-packaged food for convenience. The goji berry’s beta carotene, on top of the vitamins A and C in additional berries, will get you glowing again. As a bonus, coconut water feeds the hyaluronic acid in your dermal layers for a fresh, plump appearance. 

You Only Have One Body, Treat It Well With the Earthbar Menu of Superfood Smoothies 

SBAC’s smoothies are a tasty, portable way of getting your daily dose of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants, phytochemicals, and protein. Unlike pressed juices, the thick drink includes all the hearty perks of plant fibers to help you process protein and stay full longer so you can slay the day! Check out more awesome Earthbar Cafe Menu options to try. 

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