We’re collaborating with local fitness studio, Killer B, to bring you an exciting new way to workout! This group training program incorporates cardio and strength for a full-body workout. There’ll be a trainer there to lead the class and provide that extra boost of motivation and support to get you through your workout. It’s simple and effective so everyone can have the experience that’ll improve their overall health, confidence and allow you to carry that great energy into your everyday lives.

*Please note: Killer B x Swell classes are exclusive to club members only.

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Why Did Killer B & Swell Merge?

Being under one roof, members can now have it all! With our top-notch amenities and staff, members frequent the club as part of their everyday lives. With the addition of Killer B, club members will now have the opportunity to experience a top-notch local fitness program and all the results it has brought community members over the past 18 years. We see this merge as a big opportunity to work together to bring the best value to the community without having to compete. We want to promote fitness and a healthy lifestyle in a way that becomes very fun and irresistible for the community. This merge will accomplish just that and we look forward to all the great new relationships and energy that it will bring.

What’s Your Baseline?

The baseline test is an evaluation to determine your fitness level. It consists of a 5-minute effort on each of our cardio machines (Row, Bike, Climb). It measures the average power you can maintain on each machine over a 5-minute period of time. Every workout at Killer B x Swell is interval based with zones that are unique to each fitness level. A zone is an effort that is calculated based on the result of your baseline. Once you know your Baseline, you will know exactly which fitness level to follow which means the zones will be specific to your ability level. This will ensure that you get the best workout in every class. As your fitness improves, you will be able to sustain more power during the baseline, and your fitness level will change. The baseline gives you a great way to track your results over time.

Join The Killer B x Swell Family

*Please note that, in order to take/sign up for a class, you must be a member of Santa Barbara Athletic Club.

Interested in joining or have any questions?
Email David Kivitis at david.kivitis@swellclubs.com