December Fitness Challenge: 12 Days of Stress-Reducing Workouts

a woman working out with battle ropes during our december fitness challenge

We may be fresh out of turtle doves and partridges in pear trees, but we do have some sweaty alternatives that may be more practical and stress-busting than a flock of French hens. If the holiday season tends to make your blood pressure spike with anxiety, try our December fitness challenge—12 days of wellness and workouts to give you a break from the holiday hustle and bustle.

Get Your Mind Right

December kicks off with “Sound & Reiki for Stress & Anxiety” on Saturday the 2nd at 10:00 am. Hosted by Sophia Trieste and Meredith Markworth-Pollack, attendees can expect a relaxing sound bath to release tension and anxiety and hands-on reiki to realign the energy channels in your body. Between the soothing acoustics and gentle energy work, it would be difficult to leave this session stressed!

December Fitness Challenge: De-Stress With These Classes

Many people rely on exercise to combat stress and anxiety because it causes a surge of feel-good chemicals in the brain. At Santa Barbara Athletic Club, our classes offer a welcome respite from the strain of modern life. 

Restorative Yoga: This form of yoga isn’t about sculpted abs. Instead, it focuses on achieving physical, mental, and emotional relaxation.

Yoga Flow: This class may carve out muscles, but the fluid movements also help you connect to your breath. As we covered in our September blog, mindful breathing techniques are widely recognized to balance our stress response and make us feel more relaxed. 

Boxing: Take out the day’s frustration in our high-octane boxing class, which alternates boot camp drills and punching the bag for the ultimate cardio workout.

Self-Guided Workouts

Our gym is outfitted with all the equipment and amenities you could need to design an epic workout without classes or trainers. Here are a few that can help you release tension:

Battle Ropes: These bad boys offer an intense cardio workout that engages all your muscles. Use all your strength to swing them up and down, and enjoy the rush of endorphins afterward!

Swimming: Slip into our heated outdoor lap pool and get a great, low-impact workout while submerging yourself in the solace of water.

Jacob’s Ladder: This classic equipment provides a full-body workout and challenges your core. But the main perk is that it requires so much focus to maintain coordination and balance that you won’t be able to think about the stressful elements in your life.

Twelve Days of Peace

We recommend alternating the above classes and workouts over a period of twelve days. For example, you could swim laps for three days and switch out yoga, boxing, Jacob’s ladder, and battle ropes for the remaining nine.

Whatever combination you choose, completing a short-term goal like a 12-day fitness challenge builds confidence and provides a healthy outlet for stress!

Join Our December Fitness Challenge and End the Year With Wellness

Santa Barbara Athletic Club isn’t your average gym. It’s a community built around supporting each other’s health goals using a holistic approach. Visit our website to explore all the benefits and amenities that our members enjoy, and get free initiation with no membership dues until 2024!