Tap Into Transformational Breathing With Our New Wellness Class

man on floor with eyes closed, using transformational breathing to meditate

Our November 4th wellness class, Alchemizing Breath and Sound is a ceremony of breathwork and sound bath led by Jacqueline Tozzi and Devin Peterson of the PALMA Colectiva. The class helps participants “release limiting beliefs and harness your true power within.” Let’s dive into Tozzi and Peterson’s transformational breathing methodology and how our current giveaway assists your wellness journey.

The Alchemy of Transformational Breathing Explained

Typically, “alchemy” refers to the pursuit of transforming metals into gold. Considered a proto-scientific practice, most scholars and historians wrote alchemy off as esoteric mysticism. While alchemy does has fantastical elements, it also sets the stage for modern chemistry. Today’s definition has come to mean something more nuanced: a mysterious, even magical transmutation of natural properties. 

As we discussed in our September blog, the alchemistic power of meditative breathing and sound bath vibrations are empirically backed by science. To understand how November’s class will amplify their impact, keep reading!

The Pyramid Breathwork Method

Alchemizing Breath and Sound participants are guided through the Pyramid Breathwork Method, developed by actor Johann Urb. With this technique, you begin with a fast, vigorous inhalation and gently exhale with sound and emotion, moving your spine fluidly throughout. As you progress through the repetitions, your breathing lengthens and slows. 

Urb’s method is somewhat similar to the Sudarshan Kriya Yoga (or SKY) breathing technique, regularly taught to veterans and trauma survivors who have PTSD. It uses controlled and cyclical patterns that alternate rapid and slow breath and incorporates vocal sound. This proves to reduce depression, stress, and anxiety. If you’ve benefited from the SKY breathing technique, you’ll likely enjoy November’s class, which includes a sound bath to deepen the cognitive and physiological effects of meditation.

Join SBAC and Reap the Wellness Rewards

Now through November 30th, we’re supporting your at-home meditative practice by offering 50% off our initiation fee and a 6-month free membership to Headspace. This mobile app contains science-backed, guided meditations proven to reduce stress. No matter your need, Headspace has a meditation for you. Contact us today to become a Santa Barbara Athletic Club Member.