Celebrating Female Trainers: Spotlight on Santa Barbara’s Women Fitness Coaches

female trainers at swell clubs

March 8th is International Women’s Day, and this year’s theme is “Inspire Inclusion.” This annual celebration and what it represents is important. We wanted to take this opportunity to explore the evolution of female inclusion in the fitness industry and feature our female trainers, like Beth Eisele, while highlighting the classes taught by Santa Barbara Athletic Club’s women instructors. 

Female Trainers Change the Game 

In the late 19th century, bicycles became commercially available, and they were a smash hit, especially with women. With very limited civil liberties, the bicycle was a vehicle of liberation, and cities were filled with female cyclists pedaling their own paths. Not everyone was a fan; In 1891, male reporters published panicked articles expressing alarm and confusion about the women they observed speeding past them on city streets. 

Similar factions of disapproval stalled female inclusion in the fitness world until the 1980s. Spartan, male-dominated gyms weren’t inviting to women. So, they found an alternative in group aerobic classes. Aware that underground recordings of the classes were in high circulation, Jane Fonda released videos of choreographed exercise routines that women could do at home, and sales soared.

Not wanting to miss out on potential revenue, gyms began to change. As of 2021, female trainers made up 51.4% of the profession.

Meet Our Group Fitness Manager, Beth Eisele

For over 30 years, Beth Eisele has worked as a personal trainer. For the past 18 years, Santa Barbara Athletic Club has been Beth’s second home, where she works as a Group Fitness Manager and teaches classes. Regular exercise has kept her body agile and strong, but it’s the positive cognitive effects that keep her motivated. Recently, Beth channeled her knowledge into creating a program called Discover Your Body & Find Yourself, which helps women transform their fitness and mindset. Learn more about Beth, and don’t miss her March Barre Fusion classes every Monday at 10:30 am and Spin classes every Friday at 9:00 am!  

Beth’s journey and commitment to empowering other women embodies the very spirit of International Women’s Day. And she’s not alone! Swell Santa Barbara is largely made up of female trainers.

Celebrate With Our March Female-Led Classes

Honoring female inclusion isn’t relegated to a single day. All of March is Women’s History Month. What better way to support and empower women (and your health) than by attending our female-led group classes? Twenty-seven female trainers are on Santa Barbara Athletic Club’s March class schedule. Plus, the variety of offerings means there’s something for everyone! 

Get Major Savings by Sweating it Out With Female Trainers

We can and should advocate for women all year; the same is true of our health! Everyone deserves a gym like Santa Barbara Athletic Club, with expert male and female trainers, inclusive facilities, and spa-like amenities. That’s why now, through March 31st, you can become a Swell Santa Barbara member for only $99. That’s nearly an 88% savings on initiation! Contact us to become a member and start your wellness journey.