This Movember, We’re Committed to Supporting Men’s Health

Two men pounding fists and smiling


In 2003, Travis Garone and Luke Slattery met up for a quiet beer in Melbourne, Australia. Little did they know that their conversation that night would launch the world’s largest men’s health movement—Movember.

Across the world, men die an average of six years younger than women. This is largely because of preventable problems. The goal of Movember is simple: to stop men dying too young. To accomplish this, “Mo Bros” and “Mo Sisters” fundraise throughout the month of November. The funds go to projects and initiatives that take on some of men’s biggest health issues.

The ever-present symbol of this movement? The mustache. When Movember first began, the mustache had all but gone out of style, the official Movember website explains. The founders discovered that by growing their mustaches, they were able to spark conversation and raise awareness about the movement.


Changing the face of men’s health

Over the last 16 years, Movember has become a global phenomenon. Each November over 5 million Mo Bros and Sisters participate in 20 different countries. All of this is a response to the often-invisible men’s health crisis. Whether we want to support our friends and partners, or our fathers, sons, and brothers, we all have a stake in men’s health. There are a few easy ways to get involved and make a difference this Movember.


Raise awareness

You don’t have to grow your own ‘stache to raise awareness about men’s health issues. In fact, there are plenty of other ways to get involved this Movember. From something as big as hosting a Mo-ment, to something as simple as sharing this post on your social networks, every little step counts.


Move more

Fellas, we’re looking at you (though movement is good for Mo Sisters, too). Daily movement is a major part of the Movember mission. And that includes what you do in the gym, and outside it. Whether you sign up for a few sessions with one of Swell’s personal trainers, or take some time to discover your new favorite group exercise class, we’re here to support your movement journey.

Want to get more active outside the gym? Simple, daily movement includes going for a walk on your lunch break, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, or finally kicking off your 5K training. We recommend hitting up some of Santa Barbara’s best trails to help you log your Movember miles.



One Mo’ thing…

For more information about joining the Mo-vement, you can visit the official Movember website.

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