5 Easy Ways to Take Your Workout Outside in Santa Barbara

a man in yellow trunks swims in an outdoor pool; workout outside

Here in Santa Barbara, we’re lucky enough to have green spaces, a stunning coastline, and an average of 283 days of sunshine each year. If you’re looking to change up your workout routine, a little sunshine and fresh air might be exactly what you need. We’ve rounded up some of the best spots to take your workout outside in Santa Barbara.

Swim in an Outdoor Pool

The health benefits of swimming have been well-documented. It’s an all-around solid exercise—as a low-impact cardio activity, swimming is excellent for toning and strengthening. We have a 25-yard heated pool at our athletic club, which is a great way to get in some outdoor exercise. Whether you’re a dedicated lap swimmer or an occasional dabbler, hitting the pool is a great way to take your workout outside. 

Take Your HIIT to the Beach

If you’re looking for new and fun workouts in Santa Barbara, why not head to the beach? Sandy beaches are the perfect place for your HIIT workout, as the sand engages extra muscles in your ankles, core, and calves.

Gather a group of friends—there’s strength in numbers! Our favorite beaches for workouts in the Santa Barbara area are Butterfly Beach, Leadbetter Beach, and Hendry’s Beach.

Explore Parma Park

Sometimes, you just need to take a break from the treadmill and move your run outside. 

We’d recommend Parma Park as one of the top locations in Santa Barbara for workouts. Why not try interval training while exploring the beautiful trails in the rugged landscape?

Grab a Friend and Hit the Courts

Next on our list of great outside workout ideas is heading to a tennis court. There are plenty of different court options across the city, including our club in Cathedral Oaks. On top of improving your game you can try reflex, speed, and endurance exercises while courtside.

Make the Most of Our Outdoor Spaces

Finally, if you’re looking for a great outside workout routine, don’t hesitate to talk to our team. Thanks to our open-air workout space and spin studio, we have the equipment and space you need to put together a great routine at the Santa Barbara Athletic Club. Take a look at our class schedule for a complete list of our outdoor classes running at the moment.

It’s Time to Take Your Workout Outside in Santa Barbara

If you’d like to learn more about our open-air workout spaces or the other amenities at the Santa Barbara Athletic Club, why not take our complimentary tour? To find out more about membership, contact us here.