Tired of Bodyweight Exercises? Bring Your At-Home Workout Back to the Club

A man doing bench presses; bodyweight exercises

So, you spent the lockdown dialing in your home gym setup. You’ve got your free weights and yoga mats. And you’ve recently done about a billion squats, glute bridges, push-ups, and planks. But something is still missing. If you’re starting to hit a workout rut with your bodyweight exercises, then it might be time to shake up your routine. It’s time to bring your at-home workouts back to the club. 

Cure for the common workout

Sometimes, all it takes is a change of scenery to refresh your routine. And here at Santa Barbara Athletic Club, we’ve got views for days. We’ve added extra equipment to our 2nd and 3rd-floor outdoor decks, so you can add weight or resistance to your bodyweight exercises. Plus, there’s plenty of space to stay socially distanced while you bust through your reps. 

Catch a breath of fresh air while you HIIT it hard, or settle into a weight rack for that next PR. However you prefer to move, we’re here to ensure the equipment is clean and our members are safe. 

Exercise fuels happiness

You know that point in a workout — dripping with sweat, thinking you’re done, then holding that pose just a smidge longer or doing one more rep? Your brain is getting as much from it as the rest of your body.

According to environmental psychologist and wellbeing consultant Lee Chambers, exercise combats inflammation and boosts neural growth and brain cell activity patterns, bringing on feelings of well-being and calm. Plus, it kicks up your endorphins, leading to feelings of euphoria.

Community is key

One of the hardest things about the lockdown? That feeling of missing out on community and connection. We are social animals. And research bears this out, particularly when it comes to fitness. Studies show that when you exercise with others, you’re more likely to get results. 

A key difference between working out in your spare room or backyard versus coming to the club is that when you’re here, you’re part of a supportive community, and studies show that could be a game-changer. And, while we’re still keeping up with strict social distancing, we’ve got plenty of space for you and your accountability buddy to get in a good sweat session. 

Welcome back! We can’t wait to see you.

Getting back to the club is more than just a boredom buster. In fact, experts report that with the kind of safety precautions we’re taking, it can be the best way to take care of your physical and mental health. So stop by, break out of your rut, and let us know how we can support your goals!