Feel the Burn Without Boredom and Try This Type of Cardio That Isn’t Running 

man and woman on cycle bike, Cardio that isn't running

We all know that cardio is great for heart health, but if the thought of running to check the cardio box leaves you less than enthused you may want to consider exploring group classes that achieve the same goal. Changing up your cardio routine every so often trains your body to be more dynamic, which is a great way to avoid repetitive stress injuries. At Santa Barbara Athletic Club, we offer a variety of non-running cardio classes that torch calories and engage unused muscles. Check out these four classes to break up the monotony.

Killer Class For Cardio That Isn’t Running

We’re loving our new Killer B x Swell classes, which use rowing machines, spin bikes, and Versa climbers to provide low-impact cardio that isn’t running. Since Killer B x Swell classes are interval-based, cardio is broken up by free weights and TRX so that you can build strength and endurance. Hop from station to station while our excellent instructors hype you up. 

Spin Classes Get Your Heart Pumping 

Our spin classes are famous for getting intense cardio that isn’t running. Try a 60-minute or 45-minute class to build endurance and avoid stress on your joints. We also offer a spin yoga class so that you can reap the benefits of yoga after cycling! Our members love that spin classes seem to fly by while challenging their bodies. 

Boxing Bootcamp Packs A Punch

Channel your inner Rocky Balboa while getting an endorphin surge as you wail on those boxing bags and do boot camp drills. Our boxing boot camp classes will make you feel like a champion and have you sweating in minutes. These heart-pumping cardio classes are so fun and effective that you may consider breaking up with your treadmill. 

Cardio Hip Hop Step To Bust a Move 

If you want to shake away stress while also getting some cardio that isn’t running, our new Cardio Hip Hopstep classes could be just the ticket. Created by a professional choreographer, this class marries the techniques of hip hop with step (on a four to twelve inch platform). You’ll boost your heart rate, strengthen muscles, and improve your dance skills — it’s the perfect antidote to rigid running. 

Check Santa Barbara Athletic Club’s Online Schedule 

Check out our online schedule to see what these and other cardio classes are available each week. Whether you’re specifically looking for cardio that isn’t running (no judgment here!) or just want to try something new, Santa Barbara Athletic Club has a class for you!