3 Dance Workout Classes That Even Non-Dancers Will Love

a group of women enjoy dance workout classes at Swell SBAC

Raise your hand if you’ve ever felt like the one person on the dance floor who just doesn’t know how to shake it. We see you, tapping a toe and bobbing along, but never really cutting loose. And we’ve got some great news for you. Here at Santa Barbara Athletic Club, we’ve got dance workout classes to inspire even non-dancers to move and groove with the best of them. 

Whether you’re looking for an excuse to drop it low on a Friday night or just want to shake up your usual workout routine, these dance workout classes will be your new favorite pick-me-up.  

Benefits of Dance Workout Classes

There’s a lot to be said about the health benefits of dancing. First, it’s an excellent cardio workout—torching an average of 200+ calories in a 30-minute session. It’s also proven to have mental health benefits. According to a September 2011 study published in Collegium Antropologicum, dance training reduced depression among university students.

At Santa Barbara Athletic Club, our dance workout classes harness the inherent benefits of dancing and elevate them. These workouts take the fun and energy of dance and levels it up with choreography to help you build stamina, get toned, and relieve stress. 

Hip Hop

When: Mondays at 4 pm, Fridays at 5:30 pm

This fun and funky, high-intensity dance workout class combines the fun of dance with the strength building of a cardio class. It’s packed with creative choreography that’ll help you tone and strengthen targeted muscle groups while bopping to the latest hip hop beats. 

Our hip hop dance classes are taught by Tamarr Paul, a choreography pioneer, artist, teacher, and director who has worked with world-renowned performers and directors during his 20+ year dance career. 


When: Wednesday at 5:30 pm

Like the name implies, this dance workout is a full hour of non-stop, high-energy, low-impact fun. Our dance instructor Tamarr Paul has crafted choreography for any level of dance enthusiast. Yes, even the “non-dancers.” So don’t be afraid to turn up the energy in this weekly class.  

Move & Groove

When: Fridays at 10:30 am

Reconnect with your joy and practice energetic, mindful movement in this Friday morning class with the talented Yulia Maluta. This 45-minute dance movement class combines follow-along dance sequences with strengthening yoga movements. Set to energizing music, this class encourages you to connect with mindfulness and joy. It’s the perfect way to ease into your Friday. 

Join Us For The Best Dance Workout Classes In Santa Barbara

Whether you’ve got two left feet or just can’t find a beat to save your life, these classes can help. With expert instructors in a supportive environment, our dance workout classes are the perfect way to build confidence, get in a great workout, and tap into the mental health benefits of dancing. So stop in for a workout that never feels like work! Check out our class schedule to find your next dance workout.