Core-Blasting Endurance Workouts for Surfers 

Workouts for surfers

Surf’s up in all seasons here in Santa Barbara, so we’re doing everything we can at the club to get you ready to catch the next set. Whether you’re a first-time surfer or the next Kelly Slater, these core-blasting workouts for surfers include a fun mix of old favorites and new programs to get stoked on. So even if traditional cardio and push-ups aren’t your things, there’s still something for you. 

A Stronger Core Spells Balance

Before we dive into the right workouts for surfers, it’s time to consider something your favorite sport cannot exist without—balance. It should be no surprise that the force that keeps us upright during the day is crucial to our success on a moving wave. That’s why workouts for surfers must include balance through core strengthening. The core is the backbone of all movements, ensuring our body is in the correct alignment to use the right muscles to power us in the water.

Hold That Plank: Workouts for Surfers That Help You Shred 

Where should you start with the core? Some movements are classics for a reason. They don’t require fancy training, and they work universally. These are push-ups, sit-ups, and anything that gives you an isometric hold. Think chair pose in yoga, Warrior III, or a plank, which all help tuck in the spine and give your abs that extra squeeze. Yoga is the perfect go-to for any of these movements, and so is pilates. Pike movements are also great for the core if TRX training is your thing. 

Forget Solo Cardio When You Can Join a Group Workout 

Speaking of group workout classes, you can’t neglect cardio if you want to up your surfing game. If you’d like your gym time to feel less routine, consider trying our newest obsession: Killer B x Swell. Our partnership with this local fitness legend in Goleta brings a top-notch training program to Santa Barbara Athletic Club members! Get interval-based workouts customized to your ability level and blast through rowing, biking, climbing, and even dumbbell drills all in one class. Even better, you can build community and snag a buddy after class to join a surfing session. 

Dial in Your Core with a Personal Fitness Plan

Design your workout entirely around surfing with one of our specialty programs. Then, instead of searching for the right program, we can create it from scratch using a highly customized plan built just for you. A one-on-one session with a personal trainer includes nutrition, health planning, and lifestyle considerations to ensure your workouts work for you. Core emphasis is an option for these personal training programs and can help you catch as many waves as possible! 

Hit the Waves Stronger with Workouts for Surfers

Our goal is to give you more fuel for the activities that define your lifestyle. More muscle tone, especially in the core, helps a surfer get more power out of every stroke in the water. Whether it’s endurance training, group fitness, or getting some injury prevention pointers from a personal trainer, let us know how we can help you!