The Amazing Health Benefits of Sauna After Workouts

Benefits of sauna after workout

Is sitting in a sauna after a workout more than a relaxation perk? We’re taking a closer look at the potential health benefits of using a sauna after your sweat sesh. But before diving in, a few thoughts on how to use our dry sauna or steam rooms in a healthy and safe way during your time at Santa Barbara Athletic Club.

Things You Should Know Before Using the Sauna

Dehydration is a common problem with sauna use and one we want you to know about before you step inside! If you’ve already worked up a sweat, we recommend hydrating ahead of using the sauna. Also, if you have a headache, a history of cardiovascular issues or high blood pressure, are pregnant or feel dizzy or lightheaded after your workout, don’t use the sauna. An after-workout smoothie at the EarthBar is an excellent alternative to help you get rehydrated and back to feeling great! 

Saunas Increase Circulation in Muscles, Possibly Aiding in Recovery 

Saunas can be an unexpected but wonderful remedy for tired muscles. The elevated temperature of the sauna helps blood vessels in the body expand, carrying more oxygen-rich blood to muscles. This helps damaged muscles repair themselves faster with less effort. It also feels great to take a load off after a tough gym session! 

But because the sauna elevates your heart rate after your workout, it’s important not to stay in it too long. Even five minutes can be enough, depending on your heat tolerance. Watch the clock in the sauna and leave if you feel like you are overheating. 

Benefits of a Sauna Session After Workout Includes Relaxation

There’s no denying that a sauna’s toasty, warm environment is relaxing. While the heat makes you sweat, it does help your body hit the pause button and let go of some tension. The sauna is a great place to meditate or think in the quiet before you resume daily life’s busy pace! A heated sauna gives you a space to breathe out stresses or concerns and even practice some light stretching. 

Saunas Can Temporarily Boost Your Metabolism

Saunas have a way of revving the body’s calorie-burning engine by adjusting to the suddenly warm environment. Studies have shown that sauna use raises the body’s metabolic rate by 25 to 33 percent for short periods of time. That makes a sauna great for that final calorie burn boost. It also works great on a lower-intensity recovery day to sweat out a few extra calories and give your metabolism a jolt! But, of course, it also feels great to sweat it out in the gym, hit the sauna for a few minutes, and cool off in the shower to wrap up your day. 

Feel Amazing From the Benefits of a Sauna After Workout 

As part of your Santa Barbara Athletic Club membership experience, relax and unwind in the saunas, steam rooms, or showers in our luxury-equipped locker rooms. You’ll get the privacy and relaxation you deserve after a hard workout! Get a complimentary tour of our full club amenities and envision what it’s like to be a member here.