There’s Still Plenty of Summer Left! Here’s How to Enjoy It at the Club

Santa Barbara summer isn't over!

In Santa Barbara, summer is for eating al fresco, long walks, hikes, bike rides, and catching waves or rays at the beach. Well, usually. This summer, things started a little differently. We might be getting a late start on fully enjoying summer this year. But there’s still time to get the most out of these long, sunny Santa Barbara days. With that said, it’s time to dust off your gym shoes, bust out your goggles, and get ready for summer at the club. 

Enjoy an open-air group exercise class 

If you’re at the point in self-quarantine that you’ve named all of your houseplants (and act out their conversations with each other), it might be time for a little fresh air. For our members’ safety, we’ve shifted all of our Group X classes outside. This makes it easier to social distance and gives you all of the benefits of open-air workouts. According to recent studies, getting your sweat on in the great outdoors has both physical and psychological benefits. 

There’s still time to make a splash

Ok, we prefer that the splashing stay figurative and not literal. But the pool is open! And according to health experts, swimming is one of the safer summer activities. Dr. Ebb Lautenbach recently told the New York Times that there’s “nothing inherent about ocean water or especially pool water that is risky.” That’s because the “chlorine and bromine that are in pools inactivate the [coronavirus] and makes it even lower risk in terms of catching it from the water.”

But social distancing is still essential, both in and out of the water. Whether you’re lounging poolside or swimming laps, we’re asking our members to maintain six feet of personal space and limit it to one swimmer per lane, unless you are swimming with people in your household. 

Carve out some “you” time

If you need a change of scenery, we’ve got plenty of space to do your own thing. Get in a socially-distanced HIIT workout with your accountability buddy or spend some quality time at the weight rack. Either way, we’ve upped our cleaning and sanitation efforts so you can safely enjoy our outdoor space and equipment. 

Summer is still on at the club! 

This Santa Barbara summer might feel a little (ok, a lot) different. But we’re still here, doing everything we can to make your club experience a happy and safe one. Whether you want to connect with your community in a Group X class, get in a good swim, or just need an excuse to put on pants and leave the house, we’ve got you covered!