3 New Year’s Fitness Resolutions That Are Actually Doable

woman shown drinking water after a hard workout—a great new year's fitness resolution to try

2021 is coming to a close (finally!) and while many of us are stopping to reflect on the year behind us, we’re also looking to plan for the year ahead. It often feels like whenever we try to put new habits and goals on our plates, something unavoidable—like, say,  a pandemic—gets in the way. This can create a lot of stress and anxiety around the new year as the world starts talking about New Year’s Resolutions. That’s why this year, we’re all about creating achievable, foundational New Year’s fitness resolutions guaranteed to help you succeed no matter what 2022 throws at you. 

Why Most New Year’s Fitness Resolutions Fail 

The science is pretty conclusive around new year’s fitness resolutions: most people who make them fail within the first few months. 

While that might seem discouraging, these studies have helped identify some of the reasons why so many people struggle to create lasting habits. One reason is that most of us try to create huge goals without having the basics down.

Creating fitness resolutions that stick starts with building easy foundational habits and then piggybacking bigger goals on top.

Try These Doable Fitness Resolutions Instead

Here are three foundational, achievable fitness resolutions you can build today that will help set you up for success this year. 

Drink More Water 

Drinking enough water every day is a simple, measurable, and super achievable fitness resolution to set this year.  

What does water have to do with fitness? It turns out, a lot of the common issues that bog us down—like headaches, excessive muscle soreness, and even tummy troubles—can be solved by increasing your water intake. Doctors recommend 4-6 cups a day for the average healthy adult, so make it a goal to meet that range every day.

There are tons of great apps to help you keep track of your water intake as well. 

Practice Mindful Movement 

Stress can cause a number of problems for athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike. A busy mind pulls your attention away from what you’re doing, creating the perfect situation for poor performance and injuries. 

By practicing mindfulness techniques like body scans and intentional breathing, you can build a stronger mind-body connection that will help you stay focused and push past fitness plateaus down the line.

Commit to Showing Up

The hardest part of building any fitness habit is finding the time in your busy schedule. So, rather than trying to commit to “work out for one hour, four days a week,” start simple and commit to just showing up. 

On days when you’re feeling great, you’ll inevitably want to work out. And, on days when you really don’t want to work out, you’re building the habit by setting aside time to get to the gym.

Realize Your Fitness Resolutions At Santa Barbara Athletic Club

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