Keep Your Workouts Fresh With A Gym Membership With Classes

gym membership with classes

Start the year off right with something new! You don’t need to slog away on a treadmill to earn your post-holiday burn. If you’re headed back to the gym but want to keep it interesting, find a gym membership with classes! Switch up your workout with these top recommendations to keep your heart pumping.

Killer B X Swell For The Interval Junkie

You’re in luck if you live for a great circuit or interval training class. ​​Killer B X Swell combines the best of cardio and strength training for a full-body workout. This one lasts a full hour and meets your sweat requirement by a long shot! First, hop on a rowing machine and blast an interval, then move to weighted isometric exercises, climbing machines, core work, and more! If you love the intensity in your workout, then you’ll get it with this class! 

If You’re Looking For A Gym Membership With Classes, Try Boxing

For that cathartic stress release you’re looking for, boxing is just the thing. Bring gloves for this high-intensity workout that combines cardio with bags and bootcamp drills. Our trained instructor will help you work on technique and form while whipping you into wicked training shape! Of course, cardio is the critical ingredient to boxing, so your heart will benefit from this epic workout. Note: our boxing sessions run for 90 minutes, so make sure you pencil in some extra time for this one! 

Hip Hop Cardio For The Ones With “The Moves”

If fun and low-impact are more your things, keep your cardio options fresh with a hip-hop class. Modern moves put to music will help you smash your workout goals for the week and keep you coming back for more. This class is full of a whole lot of personality, so never worry about getting bored!

Group Spin Classes To Tame Your Need For Speed

Spin is a reliable workout option that will get your blood pumping quickly. But, once you hop in the saddle for a spin class, you might get addicted. This 45 to 60-minute workout is just the thing to check off that cardio box for the week. This group-guided workout will have you hill-climbing, sailing down long downhills, and racing like a Tour De France pro in no time. If you’ve never considered spin before, think of it like a party on your bike (with good music). Then, choose from traditional or endurance spin to switch things up! 

Try A Gym Membership With Classes At Santa Barbara Athletic Club

Want a fitness class that hits different? Then, you’ve come to the right place. Santa Barbara Athletic Club is just the place to try our ever-changing roster of high-intensity workouts. Check out our weekly fitness schedule whether you like pilates, circuit training, or spin, and contact the club for a tour and see our amazing luxury amenities like saunas, steam rooms, and open-air fitness decks.