Spice Up Your Fitness With A Cardio Dance Class

woman enjoying a cardio dance class

Changing up your fitness routine is a great way to prevent burnout and weight loss plateaus. Keep your body guessing with a cardio dance class at Santa Barbara Athletic Club. Not only does dancing get your heart rate up, but it also provides a low-impact alternative to running or plyometrics. Learn how our classes get you movin’ and groovin’!

Sweat It Out With A Hip-Hop Cardio Dance Class

If the backup dancers are your favorite part of musical performances, then you’ll love our two hip-hop dance classes. Hip Hop and Hip Hop were both designed by the highly esteemed choreographer Tamarr Paul. Start with the Hip-Hop cardio dance class where beats guide your tempo while challenging underused muscles with Tamarr’s moves.

Ready to literally step up your dance game? Try our Hip-Hop Step class next! This blood-pumping fusion of step and dance incorporates a four to twelve-inch inch platform that students can use to add resistance while busting a move. 

Mixing in one or both of these one-hour classes with your weekly fitness regime helps build strength and cardiovascular health. Plus, learning a new skill combined with movement exercises your brain as well!

Engage Your Core With Our LaCore Latin Dance Class

A strong core prevents back pain, improves posture, and increases stability. Instead of counting the minutes as you do planks, watch them fly by in our one-hour LaCore Dance Class!

The Latin music and sensual choreography engage your senses, while lively arm and leg movements engage your core. So grab and friend and add a little spice to your exercise routine!

Try Our Non-Stop Cardio Dance Class To Tone Up

Unlike the other cardio dance classes we’ve covered, our Non-Stop class clocks in at just forty-five minutes. This high-intensity class integrates light weights to tone your arms and back while the rhythmic music helps you power through. We also love that this class is great for all fitness levels!

Level Up Your Fitness Routine At SBAC

Not only is dancing a great way to blow off steam, but it also isolates muscles you don’t normally use. But if dance isn’t your thing, not to worry! Santa Barbara Athletic Club has tons of class options you can explore on our fitness page. Once you find classes that interest you, check out our class schedule to plan your next visit to our amazing facility.  Plus, now through April 30th you get 50% off the initiation fee and receive a $100 gift card to Vuori when you sign up for a membership! Visit our website to explore even more member benefits at Santa Barbara Athletic Club.