Get Moving This November for Men’s Mental Health Month

Men’s Mental Health Month

What’s the link between mustaches and men’s mental health? We’re glad you asked. Movember is an annual awareness campaign for men’s mental health that kicks off with something simple: growing a ‘stache to raise cash. 

What’s Men’s Mental Health Month About?

By growing a mustache in the month of November, you can help raise money to fund 1,250 men’s health projects worldwide. The Movember movement is about changing the conversation around men’s physical and mental health. Their work is motivated by the statistic that men die five years earlier than women for preventable reasons.

By educating men on how to take action for their health through gyms, activity clubs, and community organizations, the movement hopes to improve those statistics. That’s the point of growing a ‘stache in November (and it looks cool too)!

If I Can’t Grow A Mustache, How Can I Help? 

There are plenty of ways to raise awareness around Movember, mustache excluded. First, you can choose to move for men’s health (literally) by clocking 60 miles in November (treadmill, running club, or solo) for the cause. Then, ask friends, coworkers, or family to sponsor you with a donation to keep you motivated! There are loads of free resources on getting fit for the cause, so hop on Movember.com to register your event for donations and recruit pals to join you! 

Health Isn’t Just About Physical Strength

Maybe a friend has hinted at how they’d like to get into better shape, but they need some encouragement. We at Santa Barbara Athletic Club believe that being healthy isn’t just about looking or acting strong. It’s about finding opportunities to help others where you can. Having somewhere to belong is the answer to mental health resilience, greater accountability, and learning to take better care of ourselves. That’s why we’ve created an athletic club that’s more than just a gym. It’s a place that supports your healthier lifestyle and future

Move Together For Men’s Mental Health Month with Santa Barbara Athletic Club

The shave-down clock is ticking! And we’re cheering you on. So before you get out there and hit the pavement for Movember, consider crossing off your fitness goals at the club! Finish your morning run with a delicious Earthbar post-workout smoothie. Or, get your miles in before work with our state-of-the-art cardio room. Finally, connect with our Cancer Well-Fit club if you are looking for more community on your journey. We’re here for our members, always!