Top 3 Fitness Apps To Help You Reach Your Wellness Goals

SBAC favorite fitness apps

These days, we look to our phones for guidance on just about everything. From the weather forecast to dinner recipes (and, of course, whether it’s a bones or no bones day). But did you know your phone is also the key to upping your health and wellness game? These fitness apps can help you reach your fitness goals, drink more water, and live better. 

Our Favorite Running App

Whether you’re training for your first marathon or a brand new jogger, most folks want to, well, hit the ground running (sorry, we had to). A structured running program can help you scale up your running speed, distance, and frequency while avoiding injuries and overexercising. While there are plenty of cost effective running apps out there, our favorite has to be the RunKeeper app

This app doesn’t just keep track of your distance, speed, and frequency. It also helps you set your training goals and provides recommendations to help you reach running milestones. Plus, audio cues help you monitor your pace and keep you motivated. And a recent update allows you to track your treadmill runs, so RunKeeper has you covered, even in the club. 

Our Favorite HIIT App

High-Intensity Interval Training, or HIIT workouts, are a great way to tone, strengthen, and improve overall fitness. But planning a HIIT program on your own can be daunting. Is it a leg day? Or should you get in some cardio? How long should you train, and how many reps should you complete? The right HIIT or fitness apps can take the guesswork out of your workout routine. 

Keelo Fitness and Strength Training has been called “one of the best fitness buddies” you’ll ever have. Free to download and use, Keelo combines traditional strength training with HIIT-based conditioning workouts to support whole-body wellness. The best part? You can say goodbye to muscle imbalance because Keelo’s AI-based algorithm tracks your entire workout history to ensure you’re getting the most out of your workouts. 

Our Favorite Water Tracker 

We know a water tracker isn’t technically a fitness app. But hear us out. A recent study found that over 50% of US adults don’t drink enough water. In fact, just 22% drink the USDA recommended eight to 10 glasses a day. But if you ask any health professional, they’ll tell you drinking water is one of the most essential parts of your wellness routine. This is because your body uses water in every cell, organ, and tissue. So dehydration, even mild, can have significant consequences. 

If you want to drink smarter, there’s an app for that. One of our favorites, Plant Nanny, lets you turn drinking water into a game. The concept is simple. Plant Nanny displays a plant on the screen. If you drink water, the plant thrives. If you don’t get enough, the plant withers and eventually dies. Plant Nanny provides a great visual reminder of how essential water is for life. 

Looking for something a little more straightforward? Water Drink Reminder is a simple and reliable tool that integrates with your phone’s health data. 

The Best Fitness Apps Are The Ones You’ll Actually Use

These days, there are millions of apps to help us eat, sleep, and exercise better. But in the end? The best fitness apps are the ones you’ll use. Here at Santa Barbara Athletic Club, we love watching members get creative with their health and wellness goals. We hope these wellness and fitness apps can support you on your journey! For more health and wellness tips, don’t forget to check out our most recent blogs.