A Post-Workout Smoothie Could Get You Back On Track After Holiday Feasting

post workout smoothie

If you’re feeling off-track when it comes to nutrition and exercise, you’re not alone. Between salty, sugary holiday meals and extra time with family, it’s normal for our routines to be interrupted this time of year.

The good news is it’s never too late to restart healthy habits! Post-workout smoothies to the rescue. We suggest a delicious, healthy smoothie to clear out some lingering effects of the post-holiday sugar binge. Delicious and fiber-packed, a smoothie is just the ticket to getting you back to chasing that after-workout endorphin rush. 

Post-Workout Smoothie Ingredients To Reduce That “Too Full” Feeling

If Thanksgiving turkey isn’t the only thing you binged in November, maybe you are feeling the effects of one too many eggnogs or slices of pecan pie! Have no fear. There are simple diet choices you can make now to get you feeling better in a hurry. 

Choose high-potassium foods if you’re focused on clearing excess salt from your system. Foods like bananas and pineapples are rich in potassium which helps the body process excess salt and water. Lemon and ginger also have anti-inflammatory effects (one response your body has to too much sugar). So after a workout, stop by Earthbar and get your hands on the Detox Greens smoothie

A blend of pineapple, spinach, banana, hydrating coconut water, and an herbal tonic will have you feeling more like yourself in no time. 

Sneak Some Probiotics Into Your Post-Workout Smoothie (If You’re Making It At Home)

Yogurt is one of the easiest ways to reintroduce immune-system-boosting probiotics into the body. And while many easy sources of probiotics are derived from dairy, lactose-free Kefir is another excellent option for boosting your gut health if you are sensitive to dairy. While mostly dairy-free, Kefir can still contain trace amounts of lactose, so anyone truly lactose-intolerant should consult their doctor first. 

So blend up an at-home smoothie by trying this simple green smoothie recipe. Get your daily dose of probiotics with a scoop of your favorite greek yogurt or a splash of Kefir. 

Decrease Muscle Soreness and Boost Gut Health With Amino Acids In Your Smoothie

We know how it is. When you get back to the gym after a week or two off, your body will remind you with muscle soreness. This can be a setback to workouts for some (or the reward for knowing how hard you worked). Regardless, you shouldn’t have to suffer to make healthy choices.

Part of making the transition back to the gym more comfortable is focusing on hydration. Hydration helps prevent muscle cramping, fatigue, and electrolyte imbalances in the body that are responsible for headaches or sore muscles that last longer than a few days. 

Amino acids help with the body’s uptake of water. They promote water retention and replace what is lost through sweating. L-glutamine is an incredible amino acid found naturally in our bodies but drops after strenuous exercise. That’s why it’s important to replace it with the ingredients of a hydrating, healthy smoothie.

Earthbar includes L-glutamine in the Flax Master Smoothie. Chock full of gut-friendly ingredients like cinnamon, hydrating coconut water, acai berry, and protein-packed almond butter, this post-workout smoothie includes a scoop of L-glutamine. Just the health elixir you need to perk up sore muscles!

Returning To A Healthy Routine Happens One Small Decision At A Time

Keep going if you find it hard to get back into your workout routine. We all experience lulls, especially through the winter months. Making one positive choice for your health can make all the difference. Maybe all that you’re changing is what you eat after a workout. If a smoothie helps you feel healthier, you are more likely to compound that choice with another healthy choice.

We’re here for you at Santa Barbara Athletic Club. Pamper yourself with a post-workout steam room session or grab breakfast at Earthbar for a smoothie before work.