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Looking to burn maximum calories in your next group exercise class? Here are three suggestions that will optimize your time at the club:

Gear up for this intense cardio workout utilizing boxing bags and boot camp drills to get you in tip-top shape. Classes are held Monday and Wednesday mornings in Studio 1, click here for our schedule.

This intense 60-minute workout focuses on cardio endurance with high-intensity speed and resistance intervals that will no doubt get your heart beat racing. Classes are Wednesday and Thursday evenings in the Spin Studio, click here for our schedule. 

Push your body to the limit as our certified personal trainers have you lift, drag, throw, and flip to burn calories and gain strength. Enjoy your first class for free! These fee-based small-group classes are held at various times in the Epicenter, click here for our schedule.

Our group exercise classes are led by phenomenal trainers who have received certification through the industry’s most comprehensive fitness training programs and will absolutely challenge you every time. Whether you’re looking to get more out of your workout or burn last week’s calories, we are here to help you meet your fitness goals.

Reminder: check the schedule as times and classes sometimes vary by season

Since September 1, 1958, nutritionists have repeated the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition information regarding the number of calories needed to burn in order to lose one pound. That number, calculated by Dr. Max Wishnofsky more than 60 years ago, was 3,500. For decades we’ve been told it takes burning or reducing our intake by 500 calories per day for 7 days to lose a single pound.

Needless to say loosing weight can be tricky. Your body has a way of responding dynamically to changes that halt linear weight loss over time. This is known as the weight loss plateau. Even so, experts agree calorie burning exercises bring numerous life-improving benefits, aside from weight loss or maintenance. A new scientific report on physical activity guidelines highlights several major findings. It provides some compelling evidence that moderate-to-vigorous physical activity improves quality of sleep, brain functionality, emotional control, and cognition (including memory and academic performance).

So, let’s get moving – take a look at our group exercise class offerings and try something new! Stay active in ways that help build muscle mass and, if weight loss is your goal, our classes will help you burn calories to avoid or push through the weight loss plateau.

We strive to make Santa Barbara Athletic Club the best experience in every way and would be happy to answer any fitness questions you may have. For any questions or tips, contact David Kivitis at david.kivitis@swellclubs.com.


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