What Do The Best Gyms In Santa Barbara Have In Common? The Answer Might Surprise You

best gyms in santa barbara, man and woman on stationary bikes

There’s one undeniable truth about where we live: Santa Barbara is full of life. From the vibrant local culture and art to the people who inhabit this incredible area, there’s an energy that trickles down to all facets of life. That same energy and vibrancy is something that Santa Barbara Athletic Club tries to embody to be one of the best gyms in Santa Barbara. 

Becoming One Of The Best Gyms In Santa Barbara… 

…takes the unbeatable combination of our incredible members, world-class staff, and unique club offerings. At Santa Barbara Athletic Club, we go beyond basic fitness. We strive to encourage total wellness in all facets of our members’ lives. Here, we’re a community. We share aspirations, celebrate each others’ accomplishments, and encourage the pursuit of our best selves. 

We believe we became one of the best gyms in Santa Barbara, not just because of our incredible facility, but because of the overall environment we’ve created. No matter where you are in life, or your wellness goals, our club is tailored to your individual needs so you can thrive. 

What Makes Santa Barbara Athletic Club Different 

You might have noticed something that we say quite a bit: you join other clubs, but you belong here. That sense of belonging and community is part of what sets us apart as one of the best gyms in Santa Barbara. But it also takes an incredible team, variety of workouts, and community support to stand out. 

Our Team

From our front desk staff to our experienced trainers, our team is helpful, supportive, and knowledgeable. More than this, we champion our members and are genuinely invested in their health and well-being. Whether you need a personal trainer to serve as your wellness guide or just need a great post-workout snack, we’re here to help. 

Our Variety 

Variety is not only the spice of life; it’s the spice of total wellness. At Santa Barbara Athletic Club, we pride ourselves on bringing the highest quality equipment and classes to our members. From our open-air weight room and 25-yard heated lap pool to our over 100 weekly group exercise classes, there’s something for everyone—and all skill levels—here.

And, like our members, we’re constantly evolving to our best selves. That’s why we’re collaborating with Killer B Fitness on a group fitness workout space that will run every day of the week with multiple classes per day (more info to come!). Like we said, something for everyone. 

Our Support

When we say you belong at Santa Barbara Athletic Club, that’s a promise to our members. The support we give starts inside our club with cutting-edge services, experiences, facilities, and equipment. But it extends outside our club to encompass the Santa Baraba lifestyle of connection and community. That’s why we host events for our members and partner with local friends to offer perks like our Parker Clay and Organic Essentials discounts. 

Discover Why We’re One Of The Best Gyms in Santa Barbara 

In the heart of downtown, Santa Barbara Athletic Club fully embraces the area’s energy and beauty. Plus, with world-class team members, endless variety, and unparalleled support, we know there’s something for everyone at our club. Sign up for a complimentary tour and discover why we’re one of the best gyms in Santa Barbara!