Group Class Descriptions

All classes are 55 minutes unless otherwise indicated. 



Aqua Aerobics
A low impact aerobic exercise class for all levels of swim.

Fitness Swim
A coached, personalized group water workout.

Deep Water Aqua Aerobics
A group aerobic workout using the power of the water.



Build cardiovascular endurance, utilizing the step.

Boxing / Boxing Bootcamp
Bring your own gloves to join in on this intense cardio workout using bags and bootcamp drills.

Cardio Circuit
A combination of cardio drills and weight training.

Total body strength, cardio, and core stability for an intense workout.

Hip Hop
Fun and funky. High intensity, low-impact street dance moves.

Get in shape and build your core while learning hot Latin dance.

Blends martial arts, dance, and healing for an empowering cardio workout.

Combined non impact cardio and toning with the use of the ballet bar and light weights. Guaranteed to get your heart rate up.

A playful blend of various styles of dance guaranteed to have you sweating and smiling.



Spin/Endurance Spin
45 minute/ 60 minute cardio workout on the spin bike.

Spin Core
45 minutes of spinning followed by 15-30 minutes of core work.

Spin Yoga
45 minutes of spinning followed by 30 minutes of yoga geared towards cyclists.



Core Yoga
Multilevel yoga class with an emphasis on core work.

Yoga Sculpt
Adds a little heat to the workout as well as props and light weights.

Power Yoga
Yoga with a strong emphasis on strength and flexibility, synchronized with breathing.

Gentle Yoga
Introduction to yoga focusing on stretching and healing.

Yoga Level I
Beginning level yoga that will guide you through the basics of yoga.

Yoga Level II
For the intermediate yoga student who is ready to take their practice to the next level.

Restorative Yoga
Achieve physical, mental and emotional relaxation while healing the mind and body.

Therapeutic Yoga
Being able, aware, and alive.  A deeply relaxing class promoting well-being and healing.

A combination of the holistic benefits of yoga with the core values of Pilates, resulting in a body that is more functional, flexible and strong.



Pilates Mat
Core strengthening exercise based on the work of Joseph Pilates.

Pilates Fusion
Combines traditional pilates and standing pilates with the use of the barre.



High energy low impact FUN dance class designed for the beginner and advanced dance enthusiast

Weighted Workout
Utilizes bars, weights, steps and/or Bosu balls for an overall strength workout.

Ultimate Conditioning
Take your weighted workout to the next level with this high intensity, total body workout.

Fierce 45
An intense workout to get you in and out in 45 minutes, and feeling fierce!

Tai Chi
Experience this ancient movement practice for health and well being.

Body Toning
This one hour class is a potpourri of stretching, yoga, Pilates, weights, core and more designed for all fitness levels.

Lunchtime Lift
This 45 minute intense class combines weight training, bursts of cardio, and core work that will leave you ready to take on the rest of the day.

WillPower & Grace
Enhances every lifestyle. Like a superfood, a small dose goes a long way; and it’s got the power to strengthen, invigorate, and protect.

Yoga and karate together with core and balance training keeps you fit with the added benefit of the ability to defend yourself to boot! Class taught by Sensei Greg Duimo.