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The Pros of Yoga, On & Off the Mat

  21.06.2018   swell   Fitness   No comments

Yoga is a wonderful way to keep your body in shape. It helps you increase flexibility, maintain a balanced metabolism, as well as strengthen and tone your muscles. When practiced

How to Fit a Snack into Your Workout Regime

  11.06.2018   swell   Nutrition   No comments

To stay on top of your exercise regime - whether it’s a spin class, weight training, or swimming laps - snacking healthy is a must. It’s more than just a mindful

Our Top 3 Calorie Burning Group Classes

  12.04.2018   swell   Fitness   No comments

Looking to burn maximum calories in your next group exercise class? Here are three suggestions that will optimize your time at the club: 1. Boxing BootcampGear up for this intense

End-of-Day Workouts

  27.02.2018   swell   Fitness   No comments

Engaging in a transitional experience that helps shift your focus from mental to physical activity before relaxing at home is the perfect way to end your day. More work(outs) after